Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions we've received from our community.

  • What is this website?

    VESTA is a place for 3D content creators to share their creations and receive feedback from a growing community of explorers. Each submission on VESTA is powered by JanusWeb, a WebVR platform that allows developers to easily create and share games, simulations, experiences and other types of 3D content with other through a web browser. You can even try out VESTA pages with JanusVR.

  • "VESTA"? What does that mean?

    The name Vesta comes from the goddess of hearth, home and family. You can read more at Wikipedia

  • Does this run on a phone?

    VESTA should run on most modern phones from 2016 onwards. As hardware can differ vastly depending on the model and user-content may run at variable speeds, older phones may not be able to run certain VESTA experiences.

  • Are these experiences multiplayer?

    Unless the webspace-creator has disabled multiplayer you should be able to see other users in the spaces you visit.

  • What does my avatar look like?

    Your 3D avatar through VESTA, by default, displays as a floating screen with your 2D profile image on it. You can set your profile image or override your 3D avatar in your Settings

  • OK, I've signed up for Vesta. How do I create a page?

    By clicking the "Build" button on the top of the page you will be taken to the editor for a new webspace. The Title, Description & Tags section allows you to set the title, description and some properties for your webspace. The centre panel allows you to add JanusVR JML to create content. You may learn more at this link. The Inventory section at the bottom allows you to upload files. On the left is a live view of your new webspace - click it to see your edits in action.

    Here are some details for the interface:

    • Making a webspace Cloneable will allow other users to create and modify a copy of your room.
    • Webspaces marked "Not Safe For Work" will only be visible to users who have agreed to see NSFW content.
    • Private webspaces can only be seen by you or by anyone with a direct link.
    • Floating comments are comments which have been made while the user is exploring in 3D. They are positioned where they were when commenting, and can be disabled on a per-webspace basis.
    • UV Pro members can enable Sandbox mode, allowing any user to edit the space in 3D or VR, instantly applying changes to your room code. Backup and Revert buttons also appear when this setting is checked.

    • Below the Room Code view are two buttons: "Update Preview" will refresh your changes, and "Reset Preview" will reload the JanusWeb window for changes that didn't apply.
    • Your Inventory contains all assets you have uploaded to Vesta and can be inserted into your code.
  • Now that I've made some webspaces, how do I find them?

    Clicking your username at the top of any page will display your profile and any webspaces you've made. If you see some that should be private, don't worry - other users won't see them listed here.

    You can also search for your webspace in the Search bar at the top or the Popular/Trending/Recently Live/Latest links on the home page.

    Remember: you can easily share your work with the buttons under the description. After saving and viewing your webspace, buttons are ready to share to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or even an embed link for your own site.

  • When does my webspace get a thumbnail associated with it?

    After publishing your webspace, it will be added to a queue where it will be automatically screenshotted. Usually, this only takes between 1 and 5 minutes.

  • What is JanusWeb written in?

    JanusWeb is written on top of the Elation Engine.

  • Is JanusWeb open-source?

    Yes. You can find, or contribute to, the source code for JanusWeb on github.

    There are even some example templates for JanusWeb and JanusVR.