Gravity Sim Test

An experiment using JanusWeb's built-in physics force generators (N-body universal simulation). This also demonstrates some of JanusWeb's positional audio support. Each planet is playing its theme song, courtesy of Gustav Holst and the Internet Archive.

Song list:
- Mercury: Gustav Holst - Mercurio, el mensajero alado (Mercury, the Winged Messenger)
- Venus: Gustav Holst - Venus, el portador de la paz (Venus, Bringer of Peace)
- Earth: Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower
- Mars: Gustav Holst - Marte, el portador de la guerra (Mars, Bringer of War)
- Jupiter: Gustav Holst - Jupiter, el portador de la alegria (Jupiter, Bringer of Joy)
- Saturn: Gustav Holst - Saturno, el portador de la vejez (Saturn, Bringer of Old Age)
- Uranus: Gustav Holst - Urano, el mago (Uranus, The Magician)
- Neptune: Gustav Holst - Neptuno, el mistico (Neptune, The Mystic)